Best Foam Rollers in 2020

We’ve compiled a list of the best foam rollers that are available.

1. TriggerPoint GRID

The TriggerPoint™ GRID® Foam Roller is the original hollow core foam roller. Featuring a patented multi-density foam surface, the massage roller delivers firm compression on tight muscles, knots, and kinks. The proprietary Distrodensity zones of the roller replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands, which promote the flow of blood and oxygen – the key nutrients needed to repair muscles. Ideal for beginners to advanced rollers, the GRID Foam Roller releases muscle pain and tightness, improves mobility, and increases circulation – helping you feel better and move better.

2. AmazonBasics

For self-myofascial release (SMR, aka massaging your own muscles) as well as for use in certain exercises, the AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller 36″ does the job for around $20 (at this writing). The cylinder has a slightly rough surface texture that keeps it from slipping against clothes or the floor, and the 36-inch size allows for techniques that smaller rollers don’t, like stretches that involve lying along its length. The only caveat is that sensitive people might find the very firm density—like that of any black roller—to be too intense.

3. Hyperice Vyper 2.0

Warm up or cool down like the pro’s with this VYPER vibrating roller from Hyperice. With innovative engineering, the VYPER is designed to deliver high frequency intensity and vibration into the body, loosening and lengthening muscles to maximize flexibility and range of motion. A German made polypropylene outer shell distributes optimal vibration transfer, while a 3-speed control allows you to determine the intensity level. Whether you’re looking for a pre-workout warm up or faster recovery from muscle soreness, the VYPER roller is the ideal aid.

4. Tiger Tail

The rolling-pin-like 18″ Tiger Tail (The Classic) is made of foam-covered plastic with comfy rubberized handles. Given its petite size, it’s great for travel and also for digging into smaller spots on the body, particularly the neck and calves. On the flip side, it’s not nearly as good at SMR for the larger muscle groups—you simply can’t get the same level of pressure or expansiveness as you can by lying on top of a large foam roller—so it’s best used as a supplemental product.

5. OPTP Pro-Roller

A great roller that’s not our top pick because it’s fairly pricey, the OPTP Black Axis Firm Foam Roller is a firm-density EPP (expanded polypropylene) black foam roller, considered to be the gold standard for alleviating muscle tension and knots. It delivers as expected, with the company’s 30-year reputation for quality under its belt. Still, you’re paying a somewhat steep cost (plus shipping premium) over our top pick from AmazonBasics.